Shadé Zahrai


Shadé Zahrai is one of Australia's leading millennial experts on building a success mindset, self-belief and self-mastery for individuals and business professionals.

A member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council Mindset Specialist and Award-Winning Leadership Strategist, Shadé is recognised for her ability to translate neuroscience and psychology research into practical, actionable strategies to accelerate success. She specialises in equipping people with ‘hacks’ to their careers, helping them develop the confidence, clarity and capabilities to thrive during times of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

In her role as Principal and Director of her positive-leadership company, Influenceo Global, she consults, trains and coaches leaders and teams from start-ups to Fortune-500s, breathing life into organisational culture to enhance change-readiness for transformation, increase engagement and boost commercial performance. A former commercial lawyer with a background in psychology and strategy consulting, bolstered by 10+ years across a top tier legal firm and Big-4 bank, Shadé is very in touch with the human side of a business and how to optimise performance. She specialises in programs for high performers to maximise confidence and supercharge success.

Shadé is renowned for her ability to infuse motivation and storytelling with practical strategies and solutions to shift mindsets and drive positive action in her audiences. Her passion lies at the intersection of psychology and business, and she specialises in translating brain science and psychology into actionable strategies for personal mastery to accelerate personal and commercial success.