Lizzy Williamson


Lizzy appears at Success Squared in Sydney & Brisbane only.

Lizzy Williamson is on a mission to introduce a new mindset of wellbeing into the workplace for individuals by helping people discover the power of integrating little moments of movement into their day. Dubbed by Best Self Magazine as 'the excuse-buster' 'from Down-Under Lizzy is the regular "fitness guru" on the Today Show and has been featured on Studio 10, Good Morning America plus Collective Magazine, Women's Health, Prevention and many more.

After starting her career as a professional dancer and dancing around Australia and the world, Lizzy took her love of movement to the fitness industry, becoming a personal trainer. After she became a mum of two and experienced post-natal depression, her entrepreneurial spirit grew, and she launched Two Minute Moves - workouts that make exercise possible when it feels impossible. Her first book was published under the same title, where she shares her personal journey of overcoming depression, two-minutes at a time.

Lizzy has appeared as a speaker, emcee or 'event energiser' at Happiness and It's Causes, Women In Leadership Summit, Workplace Mental Health Symposium, Golden Door Health Retreat, Executive Leadership Summit, and Corporate Health and Wellbeing Summit. Over 15 years Lizzy has helped thousands find their sanity, confidence, vitality and joy and strongly believes that exercise goes way beyond body transformation – after all, she's the living proof.