David Leon


David Leon started investing in real estate in 2002 using none of his own money and quickly made a name of himself teaching thousands of people all over the world how they could replicate his success. David has now created several multi-million real estate-based businesses and is very passionate about sharing his ideas and experience.

In 2010 he founded Wealth Mentor, a purely educational business that has taught tens of thousands how to create better returns though innovative and personalised programs. He is one of Australasia’s most experienced property traders having dealt with all kinds of property transactions from quick flips and cosmetic renovations to major structural regenerative projects. David will explain how you too can:

  • Get started using minimal capital into your own property business
  • Run a cashflow positive real estate machine with minimal time input
  • Mitigate the risks associated with any real estate related investment whilst maximising your cash on cash returns
  • Evaluate and take advantage of the hottest real estate markets in the planet